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“At the Heart of the Community”

“Our set up at Ocean is a little different. We have a Group Board and two subsidiary company boards.

“Ocean Housing Group Ltd is a registered provider and parent company for Ocean Housing Ltd and Gilbert & Goode Ltd. The Group Board is accountable to its residents and a wide range of stakeholders and customers. In turn it requires assurance from the subsidiary boards that our shared strategic objectives are being fulfilled.

“This arrangement enables each subsidiary to maximise its impact whilst operating within a shared culture and set of values.

“Our common purpose is supporting as many people as we can to have a good quality home, within a caring community.  This purpose is accomplished through a great team of people across Ocean Housing Ltd and Gilbert and Goode Ltd, supported by an excellent leadership team. The philosophy of the Boards is rooted in support and challenge. Together we support our people to achieve our ambitious agenda and we challenge each other to ensure regulatory and other standards are met or exceeded.

“At the core of how we do things is the leadership given to Ocean by our tenant representatives who work hard in a range of roles to keep us true to our golden threads.

“We are ‘One Ocean’ committed to  getting better and better at being at the heart of the Cornish community.”

Jonathan Adlington, Chair of Ocean Housing Group Limited

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